We can provide you with the experience gained over fifty years of work in the industry and with the collaboration of proven reliability and trust companies, the best technical consultancy service to support you in the realization of your projects and provide you, if required, with a finished product design even starting from the purchase of material.

Our machines

GRINDING for roughing and finishing

CAMUT 500 HP 2000x7500 x h.800
CAMUT 500 HP 1900x7500 x h.800
CAMUT 500 HP 1800x7500 x h.800
CAMUT 300 HP 1500x5000 x h.800
CAMUT 120 HP 800x4200 x h.1000
CAMUT 90 HP 600x2200 x h.1000
CAMUT 80 HP 500x2000 x h.1000
CAMUT 40 HP 400x2000 x h.1000
CAMUT 40 HP 500x1500 x h.1000
CAMUT 40 HP 475x1500 x h.1000


CAMUT maxi 620 800x2200 x h.1000

CNC MILLING for mechanical processing

Asse X longitudinale Asse Y trasversale Asse Z verticale
Fresatrice alta velocità MECOF "AGILE M3" mm. 10000 mm. 1250 mm. 2900
Fresatrice alta velocità MECOF "UNICA CR 15" mm. 2500 mm. 900 mm. 1500

LAPPING for superfinishing

N. 2 HAHN-KOLB ø 145

Process examples